• shanghai jingxin industrial development co., ltd.

       tel:021-57790908     021-57790918     021-33886881


       market and complaint mobile phones::13817395139

       address:floor 2, building 4, no.115, lane 1276, nanle road,

          songjiang district, shanghai

  • more phone calls

    for more sales contact information for provinces, cities, and regions, please refer to the phone numbers of the major offices at the bottom

  • east china office (shanghai, jiangsu, fujian)

      person in charge: gan manager: 13162102297

       shen gong (southern jiangsu): 17721048042

       yin gong (shanghai scientific research): 18616236297

       zhang gong (fujian): 13020146659

  • east china office (zhejiang)

        person in charge: manager xu 13162757046

        yu gong (scientific research): 15921069374

        li gong (government): 15000734059

  • north china office (beijing, inner mongolia, tianjin)

        person in charge: manager meng 13331958863

        wang gong (beijing): 18217045813

        qi gong (beijing): 18019110254

        dong gong (inner mongolia): 15921663279

  • south china office (guangdong, hainan, guangxi, guizhou)

        person in charge: manager qi 15216655373

        zhong gong (shenzhen): 13761287917

        liu gong (guangxi): 15921243315

        xcmg (guizhou): 18184588633

  • henan office (henan, shanxi)

        person in charge: manager li 15902194487

        zhu gong (shanxi): 15157042821

  • anhui office

        responsible person: manager wang

        tel: 13262752227

  • hubei office

        manager li (scientific research): 17317817458

        manager xu (government): 19145702281

  • hebei office

        responsible person: manager meng

        tel: 13331958863

  • northwest office (shaanxi, ningxia)

        responsible person: manager yan

        tel: 17821931915

  • shandong office

        responsible person: manager liu

        tel: 18049990362

  • gansu, qinghai, tibet office

        responsible person: manager he 13002189135

        tel: 13002189135

  • southwest office (chongqing, sichuan)

        responsible person: manager li

        tel: 15800537310

  • xinjiang office

        responsible person: zhang gong

        tel: 13061871352

  • central china office (hunan, jiangxi, yunnan)

        responsible person: manager ye

        tel: 13052186946

        huang gong (hunan): 13122971850

  • northeast office (heilongjiang, liaoning, jilin)

        person in charge: manager shao 13310021316

        zhang gong (jilin): 15901710045

        dong gong (heilongjiang): 15601812715

  • us office

        responsible person: can cao

        tel: 1-8589996804