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home news jingxin annual meeting | innovation wins the future, builds dreams and go for it
2022/6/13 15:13:52
jingxin annual meeting | innovation wins the future, builds dreams and go for it
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jingxin annual meeting | innovation enlightens the future, builds dreams and go for it

stand with hardships,gratitude to you.


after walking through the past, the sweat of struggle has just been wiped away. looking back on the journey, the smile of victory is spreading on our face. here we joining hands tonight, our journey was full of moving, hard work and hard work, and has created outstanding achievements; struggle and sweat have made a brilliant career. on february 25, 2022, all the staff of jingxin ushered in a three-day year-end summary meeting full of excitement and surprises at songjiang new century grand hotel.

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leader gave speech on the award ceremony


excellent employees, coupled with an excellent team, and under the leadership of excellent leaders, can be not afraid of difficulties, remain calm, find breakthroughs, find the key to problems, and face difficulties.











because of the call of the annual meeting, let us gather here and feel the warmth of home. every year, the award ceremony, from the nomination to the announcement, is essentially an exploration. the work itself is also a journey for human beings to return to their spiritual homeland. this is a bright road full of dreams and glory, but also a road full of warmth home.

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enjoy the beauty and happiness of the moment



prize draw






summary and planning

2021 is a year full of opportunities and development. in this year, everyone has gained experience and knowledge, large and small. everyone actively discusses, expresses their opinions, exchanges ideas, and improves together.





product training

learning is endless, which is a fine tradition and habit of jingxin people. this year's r&d engineers also explained jingxin's ace products: grinding series, high pressure homogenizer series and xiaomei ultrasonic series with great patience to the colleagues present.



look forward to the future

looking back on 2021, we have been through hardships and sweat all the way, but we have won honors; looking forward to 2022, we are full of hope, full of ideals and full of faith, we will persevere, and we firmly believe that under the leadership of president wu, under the leadership of mr. wu, with the efforts of all jingxin people, jingxin's tomorrow will definitely be better!